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 Who is Threadstar?  

My name is Ann!


My mother taught me to sew by hand before I could thread my own needle.  I was 5. I made cross-stitch samplers, loving the colors and the feel of the linen backing.  When I was ten I sewed all of the clothes for my sister who is seven years younger than me.  This included a spring coat complete with lining and buttonholes as well as shorts and blouses. Mom's Pfaff sewing machine was set up on an old desk in the basement.  Not fancy like today's sewing machines, hers went forward, backward, and zig-zagged. I designed and sewed most of my clothes, except for bluejeans and winter parkas, for years.


I attended The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN graduating with a degree in Education Pre-K-6 and a minor in Library Science.  I was a Media Specialist for 23 years, mostly for Minneapolis Public Schools. 


In 2002 I took a leave from MPS to start, " Threadstar: Quilts, costumes, and custom sewing".  I made costumes for Circus Juventas, processed Big Bird's feathers at the Vee Corporation, and started adapting a pattern for mittens.  


Working with wool was my first love.  People donated their tired holey sweaters for me to felt. I'd visit thrift stores and garage sales to find wool coats with worn linings and torn pockets to wash up and cut into mittens.  I sold Folk Art Mittens at neighborhood events including the Green Gift Fair.


Since my Girl Scout days I've had a passion for the environment and recycling, so the repurposing of fabric was a perfect fit.  At my home, I taught my children how to use fabric napkins and fabric handkerchiefs instead of wasteful paper products. During a particularly long cold season, I made flannel hankies to use.  They were a hit.  They're thicker and softer than paper products and are reusable for years.  That morphed into Flannel Towels and Flannel Wipes, all products for a zero-waste lifestyle.


When I read about the chemicals in dryer sheets I researched Wool Dryer Balls and decided that they would be another "green" product for me to sell.


Besides sewing, I love to swim, take long walks, and make jam.  In 2019 I started Ann Can Jam and sold delicious jam at Farmer's Markets. I'm always up to something!


Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.

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