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Wool roving felted around a 4 0z bar of moisturizing soap creates a built-in washcloth!   

Soap in a Coat is pretty, practical, and just a bit unusual.

Why do you need soap in a coat? 


  • The wool gently exfoliates as you bathe. 

  • Soap will last months if allowed to dry out between uses.

  • Great in your gym bag

  • Eliminates soap slivers!

  • Nearsighted people can find it if it's dropped in the shower.

  • It's not slippery, and it floats!

  • When the soap is gone you are left with a wool scrubby.    

Great for a host, teacher or thank you gift. Perfect size for a stocking stuffer

Soap in a Coat comes in a variety of colors and will be selected randomly.  If you have a color preference please let me know.

4 scents





$7.50 each

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